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2021/03/29Weekly CharterJoin an Overland Voyage, Private Charter2021-03-29 15:46:11
2020/07/31Overland Safari charter?Private Charter2020-07-31 11:22:13
2019/10/06Trucking Across Europe, , , , Rest of the World, Truck Build, Vegan Food2019-10-06 12:21:30
2019/09/06Steve’s Veg Safari – Zambia & Botswana, , Leggers Blogs, The Second Adventure2019-09-06 19:09:10
2019/06/11Morocco to SenegalJoin an Overland Voyage2019-06-11 15:20:20
2018/12/04Africa 2018 – VegFest and Safari, , Rest of the World, Vegan Food2018-12-04 09:14:24
2018/10/18Overlanding India?Rest of the World2018-10-18 16:35:15
2018/03/28Poznan – The Next Adventure Starts HereTruck Build2018-03-28 15:18:13
2016/10/15Vegan Choices, The Second Adventure2016-10-15 10:56:11
2016/09/14Taking Leo Home, The Second Adventure, Vegan Food2016-09-14 16:36:56
2016/08/07Into the Wild North West – NamibiaThe Second Adventure2016-08-07 09:01:31
2016/07/22Trails Old and New – NamibiaThe Second Adventure2016-07-22 20:02:06
2016/06/16The End of West Africa – Togo and Benin, The Second Adventure2016-06-16 22:42:06
2016/06/09Ghana – Here Be Vegans, The Second Adventure, Vegan Food2016-06-09 10:51:03
2016/05/23A Day Out at the Beach – GhanaLeggers Blogs, The Second Adventure, Vegan Food2016-05-23 17:35:11
2016/05/15Mali and the Pitfalls of Mangoes, , The Second Adventure2016-05-15 20:44:31
2016/05/06Senegal and PeopleThe Second Adventure2016-05-06 19:46:34
2016/05/02Finishing with the Sahara, , The Second Adventure2016-05-02 08:12:52
2016/04/26Yury’s Video Blog, Leggers Blogs, The Second Adventure2016-04-26 00:00:42
2016/04/25Maritime Navigation on the way to the SeaThe Second Adventure2016-04-25 16:10:34
2016/04/24Desert Pistes and Unwanted EggsThe Second Adventure2016-04-24 19:34:58
2016/04/16Crossing the Atlas MountainsThe Second Adventure2016-04-16 14:16:33
2016/04/08A Brief Excursion to Extinction?, The Second Adventure2016-04-08 19:33:57
2016/04/03A brief excursion to AfricaLeggers Blogs, The Second Adventure2016-04-03 15:22:30
2016/03/30Barcelona, , , , , The Second Adventure2016-03-30 21:07:15
2016/03/27Base CampThe Second Adventure2016-03-27 12:28:22
2016/02/03The Second Expedition PlanThe Second Adventure2016-02-03 12:57:39
2015/04/15Reflections, , , , , Going back for Cape Town2015-04-15 10:54:45
2015/04/04The Desert – End of AfricaGoing back for Cape Town2015-04-04 15:16:33
2015/04/01(not) Cape Town update…April 1st Special!Going back for Cape Town2015-04-01 06:41:12
2015/03/30Meetings on the Road (Mariental to the Orange River)Going back for Cape Town2015-03-30 09:04:47
2015/03/27Windhoek SouthGoing back for Cape Town2015-03-27 08:05:34
2015/03/24I’ve Started so I’ll Finish…Going back for Cape Town2015-03-24 08:36:53
2015/03/05Dealing with DisappointmentGoing back for Cape Town2015-03-05 17:28:48
2014/12/19Coming HomeThe First Adventure2014-12-19 16:16:20
2014/12/06Vegan Meals Part IV, , , The First Adventure, Vegan Food2014-12-06 16:58:56
2014/12/05Himba and the Art of Troopy Maintenenace (Namibia)The First Adventure2014-12-05 15:09:51
2014/11/25Namibia Side to SideThe First Adventure2014-11-25 06:58:41
2014/11/20Vegan Zimbabwe: Interview with Harare VegansThe First Adventure2014-11-20 13:12:47
2014/11/18(not) Cape Town update, The First Adventure2014-11-18 11:39:59
2014/11/15Central KalahariThe First Adventure2014-11-15 16:43:58
2014/11/13Rain (Victoria Falls to the Aha Hills)The First Adventure2014-11-13 15:18:37
2014/10/31The Tale of Two Hospitals, The First Adventure2014-10-31 19:01:56
2014/10/23Bad Elephant! (From Tanzania to Lusaka via Malawi), , The First Adventure2014-10-23 18:50:52
2014/10/19Vegan Meals: Part III: Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, , The First Adventure, Vegan Food2014-10-19 12:45:48
2014/10/09Tanzania to TanzaniaThe First Adventure2014-10-09 05:35:36
2014/10/08Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, The First Adventure2014-10-08 14:46:49
2014/09/20Vegan Ethiopia: Interview with Mesfin HailemariamThe First Adventure2014-09-20 11:43:58
2014/09/16Addis to Nairobi, The First Adventure2014-09-16 10:38:17
2014/09/15Vegan Meals: Part II, , The First Adventure, Vegan Food2014-09-15 15:39:58
2014/09/09The Danakil DepressionThe First Adventure2014-09-09 19:34:53
2014/09/07Finally Leaving GonderThe First Adventure2014-09-07 10:06:59
2014/08/27Out Of The Desert And Into The Freezer, The First Adventure2014-08-27 18:35:41
2014/08/18Sweating it out in Wadi HalfaThe First Adventure2014-08-18 10:31:12
2014/08/14The Rest Of EgyptThe First Adventure2014-08-14 08:39:42
2014/08/06Africality InterviewThe First Adventure2014-08-06 16:23:12
2014/08/03Cairo to CairoThe First Adventure2014-08-03 20:31:15
2014/07/28On The Bright SideThe First Adventure2014-07-28 17:53:57
2014/07/25A Tale of Two Cities, The First Adventure2014-07-25 10:21:32
2014/07/18Crossing a Minor ContinentThe First Adventure2014-07-18 20:23:41
2014/07/11Vegan meals: Europe, , , , The First Adventure, Vegan Food2014-07-11 05:35:39
2014/07/06The underbelly of a tortoise, and the trip…, , , The First Adventure2014-07-06 18:25:19
2014/07/01Interview: Slovenian vegansThe First Adventure2014-07-01 17:01:20
2014/06/27It’s a hard life we’re leading…, The First Adventure2014-06-27 18:36:34
2014/06/23ExpectationThe First Adventure2014-06-23 09:03:18
2014/06/19Let’s go swimming!The First Adventure2014-06-19 10:05:09
2014/06/16Dried Mushrooms and Happy GermansThe First Adventure2014-06-16 20:18:26
2014/06/11ExcitementThe First Adventure, Vegan Food2014-06-11 12:12:42
2014/06/07TrepidationThe First Adventure2014-06-07 15:40:05
2014/05/19Deck Shoes and Desert BootsThe First Adventure2014-05-19 07:10:18
2014/04/22Camping In TroopyThe First Adventure2014-04-22 12:41:58
2014/04/11InspirationThe First Adventure2014-04-11 08:18:52
2014/03/17TimeThe First Adventure2014-03-17 22:10:43
2014/02/25First and foremostThe First Adventure2014-02-25 15:09:12

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