(not) Cape Town update…April 1st Special!

Well as you can probably see from the map, I nearly made it to Cape Town but then headed East. I’ve had a change of plan – getting to Cape Town was our aim from the start, but as I got closer it just seemed not right to be getting here on my own without Katana. It would have been a hollow victory – we set out as a team, and we should finish as a team or not at all. Crossing the finish line without your team is a failure in my book.

So, I took Leo to see the Indian Ocean. And rather than go to Cape Town, we will now be heading North again – I think its time Leo went home to Tanzania. We got here by road and maybe we should head home the same way…I’m sure Troopy would prefer it that way rather than being shipped home in a box!

Looks like it will be some time before I get to have another Tofush and Chips in Soho. Incidentally, anyone know what the French would call ‘Tofush’ this time of year?

UPDATE: Ok for those of you who didn’t get the fishy reference above…welcome to on-the-road-solo humour…today was always booked as Bungy Day at Bloukrans – me and Leo had a nice jump and are now heading West again as planned towards Cape Agulhas.

We survived the world's highest bridge bungy!
We survived the world’s highest bridge bungy!



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