April 4th 2014: 10 years ago today, some things were so much the same. I was preparing to set off on one great adventure – to race around the world under sail, against the prevailing winds and tides. On that voyage I would rely on the daily support of people I had only recently got to know well, but that I would come to trust with my life. I had a vague idea from my own experience and reading of others what I was going to face, of the highs and lows ahead – but the adventure ahead was appealing all the more for the unknown. I think a lot of that is the same today.

 But on this day back then, I was also making a commitment to a beautiful person who had come into my life. A decade ago Elena and I were married in Prague and set out on our own adventure. We had so many highs – saw many wonders of the natural world together. Her endless enthusiasm and positivity and gritty fighting spirit in support of our core vegan principles strengthened both of us. We had our hard times, our adventure was not a smooth ride but it was a great one. Then she was taken from us.


So today, it seems everything has changed, nothing is how I planned or would have chosen back then. But some of those things are actually the same – Elena will again be travelling with us though not physically present. Her spirit has inspired many, and I hope we can do our bit to keep that spirit alive. We can only make the choices from where we are now, not where we have been or would have liked to be. It is Elena’s support that allows us to do what we are doing.

As we set out again, in other ways against the winds and currents – we do so in hope that we can make a difference, to ours and other peoples lives, and to perhaps help the world to be a better place in some small way. I do so, because Elena told me to stay and do good things…and because it’s going to be an awesome adventure!

Katya was there a decade ago, and I’m glad she’s here this time…one of us needs to be the responsible adult, and (since you were excused that responsibility last time) now it’s your turn, Katana. Good luck!

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