Vegan Overland Africa


Join Us and Discover the Many Faces of a Great Continent

Overland travel for vegans is getting easier as we found in previous travels around Africa. But we go where the tourist trail doesn’t and by having our own base the food is not something we need to worry about at all.  Finding vegan food in the most unexpected places is then just a fantastic bonus!

We have repurposed and upcycled a 1992 military support vehicle into a comfortable home for 4 guests and 2 crew at a time. Electric vehicles are not yet practical for most of the world, or for rolling over dunes deep in the Sahara. But by re-using this extremely capable vehicle we can go anywhere, and actually save huge lifecycle carbon emissions compared to building a new truck. Maybe by the time its service life is over there will be other options, but for now we’ll have to settle for using old vegetable oil as fuel where we can!

We will be generating funds for projects which support biodiversity and sustainability. Vegan Without Frontiers is a not-for-profit company so all surplus income after paying the bills will be donated to charities and projects. As a guest member, you will be contributing to the positive improvement of the places we visit. You will also have a say in where and how we help. Relatively few people will be able to join us for the vegan overland adventure of a lifetime – but by funding projects and organisations we hope we can help make a difference to a lot more.

Where must we go… we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?

— The First History Man
(Mad Max – Fury Road)

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